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Evangelists/Chaplains  Blair and Jodi Hill


 We are a non-denominational mission base dedicated to coaching, encouraging, and sending out home missionaries, Christian leaders, chaplains, evangelists, volunteers and community pastors to serve and reach their communities and world for Jesus Christ. 
Reaching a Lost Generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Tired of sitting in a pew dreaming about your ministry? Wondering where to start?Let us help you fulfill your dream  of ministry. We are ministry builders and launchers.  Release your ministry, vision, and discover your destiny to preach the Gospel!

Outreach Evangelism Training 

Live and in Person check with us for the current schedule.

As home missionaries in our own country, we love to do outreaches that help people who are struggling to feed and cloth their families. We do whatever we can to be a blessing where ever we are. God shows us every day that no matter what we, personally, struggle with, we are still obligated by his Gospel of love to do what is within our means (and sometimes by faith, things that are beyond our means) to help those who are in situations worse than ours. We have never been disappointed by how God has blessed us many times over for our sacrifice.Blair has served 30 years in ministry and been credentialed for 25. Jodi has served for 25 and been credentialed for 20. In 2004 we completed our Masters Degrees in Theology and Counseling. We are speakers, authors, pastors, evangelists, church planters, and entrepreneurs. Over the last 25 years, we have pioneered several businesses and ministries.  We opened and successfully operated two  non-profit thrift stores one in Oklahoma and North Dakota.   For 12 years we ran a Food Pantry and handed out 20,000 baskets of food in that time. We have also taken teams across America to Share God’s love, hope, & joy through music, drama and message to the prisons, on the streets and in the Church, often times, crossing denominational lines and bringing unity to the Body of Christ.

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Hello Blair and Jodi Hill here.  There are several unique things about our family. One of them is that we home-educate our children. Another: we are a ministry family. 

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