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Are you called to be a Pastor?

Last night we met with about 14 or 15 Christians at the Moorhead Mn. Frying Pan Restaurant we had Fellowship prayed, encouraged, counseled, I shared a little message about an old historic teaching of the church that has been lost over the years called the priesthood of the believer. Apostel Paul in the New Testament declared over and over again that we are all ABLE Ministers of the New Testament not of the letter for the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. The Priesthood of the all believers Doctrine means... everyone is a priest what does that mean in our modern society that everyone is a minister or everyone is a pastor. We think only the pastor of a church is a Pastor. The scripture actually teaches that we are all called as Pastor, Shepherd, minister. We are all called to reach out to others in the way God has called and gifted us to do. This is how you preach the Gospel to all Your world! Now is the time the days are short.

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