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Are you influenced by a Spirit of Deception?

2 Corinth. 2:11.... Be aware of the Devil’s devices

1 John 4:1..... Test the spirits to see if they are of God.

Deception: is the intentional misleading or beguiling of another. Deception seeks control. Represented by the dragon or serpent in the bible. Matthew 10:16 Be wise as serpent but harmless as doves. If you are under deception you believe the lie. When you don’t know you are deceived, that’s deception. Under the teaching, influence, or control of a false teacher or Satan. You must choose to cooperate with the lies to believe them.

Satan seeks influences our culture in any way he can.

Public schools, Under teaching of evolution, abortion rights, with no morals, Darwinism evolution, gay marriage, relativism. You will remain deceived as long as you sit under the false teaching. Creation is the foundation of our Christian beliefs. Evolution denies the book of Genesis. Genesis is the foundation of our faith. Family/Marriage, 7 days literal Creation, fall of man in sin, the flood of Noah provides proof of science. We sacrifice our children to Baal, when we allow them to sit under false teaching of ungodly ideas.

Read Jeremiah 19:5 Baal means processor. If you sit under false doctrine, you will come under its spell. Easy grace, unhealthy prosperity teaching, lack of moral stands, new age ideas, Christian Gay theology , watering down the message of gospel to attract bigger crowds. These lies will brainwash you into thinking that compromise is the truth. That’s deception. Preaching the truth is the only thing that will set you free and break Satan’s lies and deception.

2 Timothy 4:1-4 Preach the Truth. Exhortation and correction will set people Free! Worldly carnal churches will say to you. Don’t judge, don’t be negative, don’t speak controversial things, correction is not of God, God only speaks positive things to people. Sometimes carnal churches label you a rebel and that you are trying to destroy the church. You can't be nice all the time. All truth is parallel, you need both a positive and negative wire to get electric power. You must have both sides of the story. If all you here is positive, positive you will never have the power of God.

Isaiah 40:10 don’t tell me the truth, speak to me smooth things, prophesy lies.

Matthew 7:13 Narrow is the way that lead to life, wide is the road that leads to destruction.

Religion tells you to be NICE, gentle, sweet, co-operate with us, be like us. Let us direct you. Trust in me!! (Like the jungle book story with the snake charming the boy) Calm down, preach nicely and quietly, like a nice school teacher. Is that what the world needs??? No the world needs bold Christians speaking bold words! Radical Christianity. How do you stand up to the deception? Study your bible, learn the word. Hebrew 4 :12 for the word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any 2 edged sword.

Choose not to co-operate with the deceptions. Don’t believe the lies.We don’t need nice right now you need truth! Isaiah 61:1-2 Spirit of the Lord is upon me, he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted! How do you get free! By listening to the anointed word of God by a preacher preaching it.

Romans 10:14 How shall they here if a preacher is not sent! You will get a breakthrough if you respond to the truth! In Romans 1 it stated that God will give you over to the deception if you refuse to believe the truth. Stand strong and believe the truth.

John 6:32 If you know the truth the truth will set you free!

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