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Fire in the Valley Summer Revival-The Power of God Outside

#Fireinthevalleyfm God has been moving through our outreach campaigns this summer. Revival is in the streets, parks, and lakes! The Destiny Outreach Team with Pastors Blair and Jodi Hill hit the streets in West Fargo, ND and Detroit Lakes, ND with the Good News of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit June 17th and July 1th. We had 40 Christian workers from 14 different church working together to bring revival to the greater Fargo Moohead area. Many members of our team had been attending our weekly equipping , mentoring and coaching meetings for many weeks prior to these outreaches. They got the chance to practice what they preached and the Power of God was evident. Music, worship, prayer, witnessing and fun was what was happening. God was in control and on the move. Check back, another Outreach Training Class "Connecting the Church to the Community" is starting soon.

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