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The Game of healing requires Action : by Miriam Hill

I don't know who might need to hear this, but sometimes talking about your problems ends up becoming a way to run from actually dealing with them. If all you do is talk, but never try to find out how to fix things, then it's just a waste of your breath.

There needs to be a point of breakthrough eventually... because otherwise, you'll end up on a feedback loop of talking about your issues, wanting things to change, then talking about your issues, then wanting things to change, then... you get the idea.

Yes, talking is the first step in healing, but it takes more than just talking... you have to shatter the ceiling of level 0 before you can reach level 1 in the game of healing, so to speak. And every level, in order to progress, requires the same. Now, some people's game's are longer than others... but the only way to win your's is to pass the final level.

Don't you want to win and at last be healed? Then stop talking and start strategizing your path to victory!

You will also need to build your inventory to prepare for the battles ahead. Things like reading your Bible as often as possible, listening to uplifting Christian music, watching clean and/or Christian YouTube videos, reading clean and/or Christian books/stories, telling yourself you are worthy frequently, praying for wisdom and worshipping God are some great ways of building mental weapons to take down the enemy and dissuade his attacks. But even after winning the final level, there is still maintenance of your character within the game of healing. If you aren't keeping track of it daily, eventually you could end up at level 0 again. When you've won that final level, don't forget to continue to build your inventory and keep it full, or else the next stealth attack of the enemy may restart your progress. Oh! And make sure you keep your Armor of God equipped, as to stay fully protected.

So... is it time for you to stop just talking and finally take some action?

Will you take your game of healing head on?

Or will you let the enemy steal what belongs to you? No?

Then get fighting... and take your mental health back from Satan!

Come on, do it!

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