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Generational Curses Can Be Broken

Updated: May 25, 2020

Today is my son Caleb Hill 18th birthday his birth came with a word my wife Jodi Hill received from God that said he is the first generation of fulfilled promises broken curses.   My family of origin grew up with alcoholism. Also my grandfather was an alcoholic .  My family life growing up was filled with fear of my alcoholic father.  I never new when he would blow up and start verbally abusing me.  He could go on for a long time with his yelling and emotional abuse.   Because I was born again at 18 years of age the generation of alcoholism was broken in our family and Caleb is born as proof of the promises of God.

The curse of alcoholism is no longer in our family tree because Jesus set me free. Caleb is living a Godly Christian life, has great wisdom from God and has a calling to do ministry.   The curse of sin and alcohol was broken in His life.  This is how we change the world  one person at a time receiving Jesus as their Savior.

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