Message for the Last Days

Updated: May 25, 2020

2011 was a year of transition and confusion,  the transition is like wheat flour going through a sifter,  where the circumstances of your life are all shaken up.The result being that  you may get into God's perfect place for you.   

The year 2012 is your year of fulfillment and your year of restoration of the things that have been broken and stole from you.   I believe 2012 will have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Joel 2 talks about the true outpouring of the Holy Spirit where there will be a spirit of harvest a spirit of revival and the effects will change people's lives. 

Families, young people and children will be on fire for God.   They will be prophesying and getting supernatural words from God.   You'll see men getting true visions of ministry, ones that will fuel fires of outreach to their communities.  

Every person will receive a fiery outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  And a fiery  and tremendous burden for lost souls.  Hebrew 12:26  stated the earth will be shaken,  Kingdoms will be shaken,  governments will be shaken.  But not God's Army they will have no fear, no fear they will be filled with faith. 

2012 will be a year of supernatural provision of funding for ministry.  This miracle will fund the last days harvest of souls.    These finances will not be for personal use. There will be a financial breakthrough,  debts will be paid off.  For everything that the devil has stolen from you and you will receive a seven fold return. Trusting the stock market?  It will be God's stocks in his markets!   It will be a great exponential return of all that you have invested in God’s Kingdom.  

God's principle is whatever you sow you will reap a mighty harvest,  whether it is good thing or bad things. Galations 6:7  If you so in tears you shall reap in joy.  The tears you have planted, the prayers you have planted. the intercessions you planted, the weeping you planted, the wailing you planted, will  produce a good harvest.  This is planted seed faith.

Joel 2 also states God's promise to restore all that the enemy has destroyed in your life.   Joel 2:25 states I will repay you for the year the locusts have eaten the great locusts and the young locust and the other locusts and the locusts swarm my great Army that I sent among you you will have plenty to eat, until you are full and you will praise the name of the Lord your God who has worked wonders for you. 

This is a year of restoration for you. He has seen all your tears and all your intercessions, and your broken heart.  These are seeds planted for spiritual harvest they will produce a return of answered prayer.   You will reap a harvest.    

God is about to deliver many in the body of Christ.   Many people in the body of Christ are filled with shame.  This shame has been laid on their shoulders by well-meaning religious leaders who do not understand.   These religious leaders are filled with condemnation from the belief of their laws and legalism.   This shame will be removed and lifted off your shoulders.   The spirit of shame will be gone, the spirit of shame will be gone.    You will live in a new realm of freedom and liberty.