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Do you want to be a passive Christian?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ it's time to be Fighters and Warriors in God's Army. Time to stand up and stop being passive and fight the good fight of Faith, preach the gospel, pray, believe for miracles. I am terrified at the passivity of so many people. Today's culture has taught to follow the company line, be in the good old boys club, submissively follow the institutional guidelines, listen to every so-called Authority and expert. One of the main reasons we homeschooled our children was to teach them critical thinking. Modern education teaches you to think institutionally, coportatley, but Not critically. Which is basically a communist or socialist mindset, you are just a tiny Cog in the puzzle and you follow the rule of the party. It can be school, church, work, government, they all think standardized. Scripture says basically to test the spirits to see if they are of God not follow every idea and swallow it Hook Line & Sinker. Where are the pioneers of Christianity in 2020? Where are the Leaders to stand up saying, I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back no turning back, though none go with me still I will follow no turning back no turning back. How can we lay down our lives for Jesus when we are in fear how about every little detail of our life. So many believe every lie that culture, state, government, satan and the church tells us. Here's how the line goes, you keep in line and do what the rest of us do or we will kick you out of our church, fire you from your job, arrest you for violating hate laws, make your life like hell. Just stay in line comrade, this is the mantra. A scripture in Matthew states what we must Embrace in these last days, "The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force." This is not physical violence it is spiritual violence. Ephesians 6 spiritual warfare against the enemy, spiritual warfare against the lies of Satan coming against the Believers in Jesus Christ. Now is the time to stand. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the ekklesia the body of believers. Pray like the house is on fire and believe that God will lead you. Then when he speaks to you no matter how hard it is, just do it and you will see Miracle after miracle. This is how my wife Jodi Postel Hill and I have pioneered many Ministries that have pushed back the gates of hell and pulled lost souls out of the fire. Here's a few of what God has done by faith alone, National Evangelistic tours, prison ministry, jail chaplains, music festivals, Church planters, Christian Coffee House,thrift stores, Ministry centers, counseling centers, Outreach to people struggling with homosexuality, school of ministries, autism ministries. How do we do these things? We have never had more than a handful team members, supporters or money. We haven't even had large amounts of faith. But we have had faith, Just a Little Bit of Faith, if you have the faith the size of a grain of mustard-seed you will say to the mountain move and it shall move. This is the kind of faith we have had, tiny faith. You can do the same things!! But Faith is all the Lord Jesus needs from you, or from me. The Lord speaks to us to take a step of faith, and we obey. Our Mantra is we are just stupid enough, simple enough, common enough, to do with God ask us to do no matter how hard. We need more spiritual pioneers and entrepreneurs do the work of the ministry different. To listen to the Lord Jesus and follow his lead no matter how crazy or difficult it may seem. Faith is a fact but faith is also and act. I am praying that God will raise up an army of spiritual entrepreneurs and Pioneers this year to move through the country like a wildfire preaching the Gospel of Jesus. They will be Christ sharing, loving, praying experiencing miracles, so that the Great Harvest of lost souls would come in before the end of time. Please pray for us as we are developing our school of ministry, both online and in person.

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