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Healing in a Recovery Center

I just finished launching the first Red River Recovery Center bible study and prayer. This is a locked facility for recovering drug addicts in Dilworth 5 blocks from our house. It was awesome. The presence of God was so strong and sweet. I am teaching a series called “How to restoring wholeness in your Life” It is based on my recovery experience working in the prison and jail as a Chaplain

We had 7 people at our launch. But the room we are in hold 65 people. More will be coming. The group was so hungry and desperate for Jesus, recovery, healing and deliverance. After great discussion, sharing and teaching on healing, I prayed For everyone. The whole group prayed along, and a few prayed out for others. I told them the story about me praying for them every morning since we moved into our in Dilworth on April 1. I told them I can see the recovery center building from our deck and I got choked up and started to cry. I had to stop a minute. I could not pray because the Holy Spirit had such a burden for these wonderful people. The presence fo God was there. They all said a big thank you to me for praying for them. I am so excited for the revival God is bringing! God touched me at the meeting! I wanted to encourage you today with what God is doing. Take the revival in your heart everywhere you go! Thank you Jesus

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