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How to discern false doctrine in the Church.

I teach and discuss this subject of what is portrayed as Christian in our modern culture in my ministry all the time with others. We must get back to the bible as our foundation as Christians. Not trusting our Christian Culture but the Word of God. We are in a new reset of what has historically been regular church. The era of celebrity Christianity is over. No super pastors, super egos, super offering, only super super sunday services offered. It time for what the world is hungering for Jesus and a down to earth relationship with him, not more big concerts and sunday services, but a realtionship with Him. Beliefs in our church culture have been polluted, mixed, confused to draw away believers. There is just enough false doctrine to destroy you. The enemy is not stupid. He makes everthing he offers pretty, cool, fun, exciting. The is the father of lies not the true light. Another part of church is relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is missing. I believe in getting together in any way or method to study the bible and have real discussions with each other. In the last day there will be false prophets trying to deceive believers! Are you using discernment in the Spirit? Are you testing the spirits to see if they are of God? Jesus is coming soon and this is the time for radical Christianity. It is exciting to be sold out for Jesus!

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