"Let's see if you are a Rusty Prophet"

The Rusty Prophets August 10 2021

Isaiah 52:1,2,7,8 Destiny Outreach Mission Base

How do you get to join the “Rusty Prophet” club?

1. When you say all the time, I remember the old days when…..Isaiah 43:18,19

2. When you only give testimonies that are 10, 20 30, years old. What’s happening now.

3. You only see same people at fellowship, studies, meetings, conferences, or church.

4. When haven’t you multiplied? Mentored, coached released into ministry new people.

5. Dreaming about the “Big” meetings, revivals, but not seeing anything happen.

6. Always doing those same old, same old things the same way, expecting different results.

7. Few if any family members serving God

8. Subtle and slowly sin creeps into your life. You stop repenting.

Things that sit in the elements outside are subject to rusting, the very thing we breath oxygen initiates the rusting process in iron. But it is the common everyday things that cause rust. Just living in this world there is a lot of degeneration. Cars break down, things get old and break, this world wears everything down. Then to protect iron from rusting we need oil. If iron is coated with oil it will not rust. We need the oil of the Holy Spirit