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Book of Acts Today at La Palma Prison

Updated: May 25, 2020

Destiny Outreach Church of Casa Grande, Arizona  has a prison ministry operating inside La Palma prison and Eloy, Arizona. This outreach takes place each Tuesday afternoon to approximately 30 or 40 inmates at the prison.  Pastors Blair and Jodi's vision is to reach lost souls and train leaders in the prison to do ministry.  Right now we have approximately 20 men that want to be discipled in how to do ministry in the prison, and also to reach out when they leave the facility.    

We are so excited God is doing miracles. This is the book of acts today.   It's not about just going to services and Bible studies and teaching, it is about going out into the world to reach lost souls and make disciples of all men as Jesus commanded us.    Please be praying for this ministry.

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