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America, Judgement is Coming!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Happy Independence Day.  Today we celebrate independence from an oppressive government that would not allow Christian's the freedom to worship.   The Pilgrims came to America to reach lost people and spread the Gospel, they were missionary's.   They were not looking for financial gain. They were lead by God Spirit to start this nation.  They built this country on  Holy Spirit powered prayer!   They built a political system that protected us from tyranny from our own government.  From the song, American the Beautiful   "God shed his Grace on thee"  God's favor has been on America.  But because of Sin, judgement is coming to America.   God has shed his grace on us for too long,   There comes a day when grace is DONE, and next comes judgement.  Read the bible, are see how much God is a God of Grace and Judgement.   America is in trouble.   Judgement is coming, you better be prepared.   I believe judgement will come in several ways, one will be where America will be hurt the most, finances.   There is a financial crash coming to judge America.    America's God is no longer Jesus it is almighty Money.

It is all America cares about anymore.   The result of this crash will be the greatest thing that will ever happen to America. What will be the result when people lose their money? They will be crushed.  Money is everything to most Americans.  It is there God.  Jesus is to be worshiped not money.  But, what will happen.  American will come to its knees. We will see the greatest harvest of souls.   Young and old will be saved.  It is the only way God can get Americans attention.  Rejoice, revival is coming. But, not how you think. But, only after judgement.  If you ask me judgement on America is God's grace.  I know you positive, prosperity, preaching people are "wigging out"  But, God is not about personal finances so much, but about personal repentance. He loves us to much to let us destroy ourselves with greed and sin and then go to hell for an eternity.  Yes hell is real.  If you don't live for Jesus you will go there. We need to repent, turn from our ways. I am praying for America.    

I also believe Christian persecution is coming to America.  Not religious persecution. Every religion will be valued except Christianity.  This new theology will destroy the organized institutional church.  We will no longer be able to meet in our mega churches or any other church in buildings.  Just like in China they will be closed.  The church in America as we know it will soon be over!  NO more Sunday morning services at our church building.   No more mega churches. No more demon- enations (I mean denominations) It will be small groups meeting in homes. lead my lay people fill with the Holy Ghost.  I am sorry if you love your church.  You may love your church, but it will be gone, because of the persecution.  This will also be one of the greatest things to happen to American, the destruction of the Carnal American Church System.    The church will grow strong through persecution. Many will be genuinely saved.  Read the books of Acts.

This will be the church. Small groups of Christians praying together, witnessing, reaching the lost, growing, studying the bible. The will meet in homes, coffee houses outside. They will preach the gospel to their neighbors.   Jesus will soon come back to this earth to gather his people and take them to heaven.  Then the End will come.  Happy Birthday American your greatest days are coming!

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