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I Met a Precious Girl with Autism Today

Updated: May 25, 2020

I was at the Clinic today in Casa Grande and I meet a precious little 

girl and her mother. The girl had non-verbal autism.  She overhead me talking to my doctor's nurse in the doorway.   I had promised my doctor I would invite him to our fund raising event for our autism center. We will be building this center later this year in Casa Grande.   She asked me where is the autism center?  I told her we have two autism support groups running and these were the start of the autism center.  

I then bent low to talk to the little girl, I forget if she was 5 or 6 years old, and said, my 2 children have autism, and I also have autism.   Then I said, it's really hard having autism isn't it?   I understand,   I told her, I understand.  She could not respond with words, but I knew she understood.  You feel a lot of things don't you?   She is non-verbal so she is looking at me intently.  

When I get upset I take walks to calm my body down.    What do you do?  Rock yourself maybe.   Well, I turned to talk to this single mother.  I was overwhelmed with a felling of love and pain for all the young people with autism.   I started to weep in the doctor office.  The mother asked me if she said something wrong.  I said no you didn't, but that this was a good crying.   

All the while I was talking to the mother the little girl was holding my hand, then she would let go, then she would hold it again.   I really felt a connection to this little girl, I guess we were drawn together because of our autism.   The mother told me that this girl would not touch anyone,especially a strange person.  She would normally not even touch the therapist or her aunt.   

She just kept holding my hand I just wanted to cry.   It was a special moment, the mother was amazed and couldn't believe it.  The mother plans to come to our autism support group.

This is what our ministry is all about reaching people with the love of God in very creative ways!

Please join our team in building this autism center in Casa Grande Valley.

Our big event is this Sunday Night April 6th at 6:30 PM  

"Vision and Dessert Event"  we will share the vision God has given us for the Casa Grande Valley.

This Sunday night April 6th at First Assembly of God  501 E Kortsen Road Casa Grande, Az 6:30Pm

Lots of Vision, lots of desserts,

Did I tell you several gourmet bakers are baking wonderful desserts.

Hope to see you.

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