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Mission Hope America-Lord Heal our Land.

Do you want to know what to do for Jesus? Are you tired of simply attending church services? Do you want to be involved in ministry yourself? Are you sick of watching others minister and you end up sitting doing nothing? Do you want to know what you can do for Jesus? Be inspired to fulfill your calling and ministry! This groundbreaking book will give you inspiration and encouragement to fulfill the Holy Spirit's call on your Life! A radical solution to change plain old church going into powerful and exciting outreach to impact your community. In these trying times in America, here is a message of hope to motivate you to find your Mission Hope America.

In Mission Hope America- Lord Heal Our Land you will learn Strategies and tactics of the Holy Spirit:

-The truth, nothing sugar-coated

-What to do for Jesus

-Be inspired to radical living

-Empower your life with Vision Building Strategies

-Increase your Faith to believe the impossible

-Get Closer to Jesus and do His Work

Change your life today, pick up a copy from the link below

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