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Spiritual Warfare: Preparing for the Battle Ahead

Live teaching and ministry. Monday July 18th 6:00PM CST Facebook livestream or in person 1751 Main Ave East - West Fargo, ND

A balanced teaching on spiritual warfare with my funny thumb nail! The theme is the authority believers have in Jesus to confront the enemies attack against them.

Here is a overview of our spiritual warfare teaching:

Monday July 18th Outreach Evangelism Bootcamp Training

New Location: Heartland Community Church

1751 Main Ave East – West Fargo , ND

Don’t miss this special message:

Spiritual Warfare…Prepare for the Battle Ahead

You will learn to:

-The Christians Battle Against the Enemy.

-How to fight Spiritual Warfare and win!

-You will learn: Fight with the Power of the Holy Spirit

-Resisting and overcoming personal battles

-Understand how the enemy attacks

-Standing when you are feeling weak

-Satan doesn’t fight fair-he hits when you are down

-Our Offensive weapons

-Our Defensive weapons and armor

-Origin of Satan and Demons

-Can Believers be possessed by spirits?

-Oppression, depression or possession

-Closing open doors in your life.

-and much more

Don’t miss this important teaching-invite a friend- everyone is welcome

Facebook live on

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