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3 Things That Prove We Are in a Spiritual War

Updated: May 25, 2020

We are in a spiritual war. A lot of Christians take their Christian life lightly or they treat it as a hobby.  Many who are in the ministry or who aspire to be doing ministry take it lightly.   They live the Christian life or do ministry when it's convenient and after they've done everything else there's no real solid commitment.   Christianity is not a game. Doing ministry is not a game.    We are in war we are in the spiritual battle.   Our battle is not about how much more money we make or more achievements we make in this life nor is it about acquiring more stuff.  This is war and what we're fighting is the deliverance of the human race.   We are called to fight for the souls of men to bring deliverance healing restoration to the broken.    Our mission is to deliver lost souls to preach the gospel to heal the brokenhearted and pull people out of hell.   We are in a spiritual battle against the powers of darkness against the rulers of this world and the spiritual realm.  God has given every spirit filled Christian the weapons to fight this battle will just have to use their weapons of intercession binding and loosing prayer, travailing persistent prayer.  

We conduct ministries to the community reaching out to those outside the church.   Our mission is to set people free in the name of Jesus.   Estate the federal government kingdoms of this earth corporations organizations are not in control Jesus is in control of this world and his hand is upon it.    Let's rise up and fight the good fight of faith as soldiers of Jesus and we will win the victory he will give us the victory we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.    Pray for us we are looking at buildings to launch a ministry center that will push back the powers of darkness in this area we are about to embark on 2015 to deliver souls and set the captives free.

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