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Do We Need to Un-Organize the Church?

Updated: May 25, 2020

A friend of my Pat Sipperly wrote a book called. ..."Parting Ways" after reading it I was amazed because it was a confirmation of what the Lord was speaking to me about how to do Church. We must leave much of the current model of doing church and find another model that reaches lost souls. Our current church model touches very few lost people, the people who are attracted to current church are church people, Christian people, people who have grown up in the church.  That model is good for discipleship and growth for Christians.  

I believe the best way to reach people is through personal relationships with them, and small group bible study. Pat touches on concept in his book. It focuses on leaving traditional church settings to a small group Bible study settings as your primary church service. This causes many traditionally minded Christians to freak out. But does it really matter how we do the church setting as long as we are reaching the lost souls and encouraging believers by studying the Word of God. And if we choose to disorganize the church slightly who will benefit the most or who will loose the most.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me years ago that we must have creative new ministries to reach our modern culture. Just a question do you think the same level of organization in the church is needed or less organization in order to reach our culture. You could also ask the question, do we need more politics or less? What do you think. The only question is how can we most effective really reach a lost culture for Jesus?  Let's do what works!

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