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The Image that destroys Faith.

This week I have a message I am sharing at our Destiny Outreach ministry to Senior Adult and Disabled apartment complex in Dilworth. The message is called "The Image that Destroys" Our Faith is destroyed by accepting the worldly view of life, pursuit of beauty, wealth and power instead of a pursuit of a realtionship first with Jesus, then with Believers, then with others. Jesus created us for relationship with each others. Sin breaks all relationships. Seeking Image just causes us to be disconnected from people. Seek to connect through honesty with others. 1 John 1:5-10 is my bible text. If we walking the light we have fellowship with one another. Pray for a local Recovery Center Destiny Outreach is launching, with a weekly healing, recovery, bible study in August. The Holy Spirit is going to be reaching a lot of people. its Harvest time.....spiritually and physically. Revival is Here don't wait just recieve the Holy Spirit and follow Him. Question, what is the one thing you think stops Believers from having real connection?

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