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There is a time to Stop praying!

My heart and vision is always been to reach the lost and those that do not know Jesus and who are in darkness. My second passion is to train Christians and Believers in how to reach out to the lost and make connections with them to bring them into salvation. For 40 years I've been preaching go into all the world and share the gospel. It is still the same message today. Part of my calling is to repair the altars of the church the ekklesia. What we're currently doing is not reaching lost individuals we're just recycling Christians from church to church. There is a belief in Christianity that we pray and pray and pray and people will just accidentally walk into our churches and walk to the Altar and get saved. This almost never happens and it is not God's way to reach the Lost. The Bible teaches Christians to go into all the world and share the gospel in the love of Jesus. Once again how shall they hear unless a preacher is sent and someone goes!! And yet we sit waiting, we sit praying for people to be saved and wander into our church when God told us in the Bible to go and get them!!. We are working on completing our Outreach training manual. It's an exhaustive training on Outreach to the community. We sometimes affectionately call it the school of Ministry for everyone please be praying that we will complete this it should be in the next four to six weeks.

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