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What are we doing in the Church? True Missions

What are we doing in the Church? True Missions!

God has called me to train and equip Christian leaders for the work of ministry. My first job is to redefine what the church is and what its mission is in the world. What we have today in our church culture does not reflect what the word of God teaches. Funny when you talk to people who say my whole life is built on the word of God, I trust every word in it. Then when I bring up the point that when you read the New Testament Church our modern church today looks nothing like it. Ancient Church structure was introduced in the first 500-1000 years of the church age and has sucked it of his power. The New Testament Church was built mostly with small groups meeting in homes or in the community including the training equipping of leaders in the church.

Just a side note. ( I think God created espresso coffee shops so Christians could use them for church and fellowship meetings.) Today the church celebrates Celebrities instead of equipping and sending and releasing ministers into the community. Until we make this reset in the church there will be no revival. It takes maverick, radical entrepreneurial spiritual leaders to lead a new Reformation. Usually people who do this are labeled rebellious. By the way that label is just fine with me. Part of that is to redefine what our role is as minister of the Gospel.

Here's some of the new names I chose, that reflect the roles we should have as Christian leaders.

Community Christian leaders. Community chaplains. Community evangelists Community missionaries. Community pastors. Community teachers.

These new titles reflect the true essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus stated something so powerful that was absorbed into my spirit in the first year I was born again. It permeates my heart and my thoughts. Jesus stated you (all believers) go into all the world and preach the gospel. The missing part in our church culture today is the word Go.

We are beginning our soft launch of our Outreach evangelism training.

"Connecting the Church to the Community" Teaching believers how to Go. How to go into the world!

We are nearing completion of our manual by the same name. We will use this book to train, equip and mentor Christian leaders.

What is our purpose? Connecting the church to the community. Our vision is to prepare lay ministers Christian leaders and chaplains for community outreach evangelism through training, equipping coaching and mentoring. We will be working with local Christian leaders on every level. By this I mean beginners starting at age 16 and up, small group leaders, support group leaders, local ministry leaders, parachurch leaders, Ministry starters and everyone in between. Our vision with Destiny Outreach Mission Base is to support encourage and release you into your call to Ministry. You can do it and we are here to help. Our mission base is totally non-denominational, inter demoninational, and is designed for all believers from all born again denominational backgrounds. One of our missions is to build unity in the body of Christ. Another statement by Jesus said that they might be one as I and the father are one. Here is our scriptural foundation for our ministry.

Without a vision the people perish. Without a vision the people lose hope. Without a prophetic revelation the people lose hope.

Proverbs 29:18

Please message me if you are interested in our class and are mentoring program. We are starting a soft launch and a pilot program in May. I request prayer for our leadership team!

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